Lemmings for PocketPC

Original game

Download REMOVED SORRY! - if you see this software as not FREE, please send me message and i remove this from this page. Thanks

Port for Toshiba E-720

mirror of original site

A Jornada 720 port of lemmings by Kevin Ng. Based on original source from Jacco Bikker's PocketPC port.

Update! Download an Alpha release REMOVED SORRY

Download Source HERE ! (2735K)

Create a dir in "Program Files" called "EasyCE", then unzip the files into there. Launch lemmings.exe

Known problems:

Window loses focus (you have to ALT-TAB and switch to the lemmings program to start it sometimes.)

A couple of the lemmings dont have a function (until I merge jaccos new source)

+ many things wrong so far.

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